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At Kaweka Health, the work we do matters.

You’ll find people who work passionately each day to push Kaweka Health forward, through new processes and/or technology. If you’re seeking a rewarding career doing the type of meaningful work that’s all too rare, you’re the perfect cultural fit for our team.

The irresistible workplace

Kaweka Health’s vision for employees is to be an irresistible workplace. This means we commit to providing the following:

  • Meaningful work which means you can work autonomously in small teams.
  • Hands on management support with clear goal setting, coaching and feedback, leadership development and modern proactive talent growth.
  • Productive environments which are fun, flexible, and inclusive.
  • Growth opportunities for everyone by facilitating talent mobility, self and formal development and a high impact learning culture.
  • Trust in leadership means that we have a clear inspiring mission and purpose which is communicated regularly and transparently.
  • Health and wellbeing for all members of our teams no matter what their religion, sexual orientation, gender, age or culture is.
Staff Wellbeing Package

We genuinely mean what we say when we talk about ensuring the wellbeing of our staff. With this in mind, we’ve put together a Kaweka Health Staff Wellbeing Package that we believe touches on the things our people have told us are important to them. This is an automatic offering to all Kaweka Health staff.

Ready for a change?

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The Kaweka Way

Making it better

The Kaweka Way summarises our values and are the foundations that allow us to provide world class healthcare in a modern facility

  • Quality ~ Kounga
    By owning the patients’ journey from start to finish, I will confidently deliver a quality experience and the best health outcomes for our patients.
  • Integrity ~ Ngākau Tapatahi
    I am committed to doing the right thing by my patients, my colleagues and Kaweka Health. I will create an environment of trust that will set the standard for others to aspire to.
  • Teamwork ~ Mahi Ngātahi
    I will remove barriers to create more efficient systems and process and ensure that teamwork is at the heart of everything I do.
  • Kindness ~ Atawhai
    I will treat all my patients and colleagues with kindness and genuine care so that they feel reassured and at ease from the moment they step through our doors. Everyone will have my complete attention and I will be genuinely invested in making Kaweka Health a safe and welcoming place.
  • Fun ~ Pārekareka
    I will embrace the irresistible workplace ethos of Kaweka Health and be engaged in creating a relaxed and stress-free environment for my patients and colleagues.
  • Constant improvement ~ Whakapainga Pūmau
    I commit to constantly improving my knowledge and skills to ensure Kaweka Health is a leading surgical facility and continues to innovate healthcare in New Zealand.