Does the hospital have car parking?

The hospital has 150 car parks available for patients and visitors.

Where do I check-in?

Hospital reception is to the left of the main entrance, with a clearly visible sign directing you to the reception desk.

Who will I see before my surgery?

You will see a combination of administrators, nursing and specialist staff when you arrive and before your surgery – this may depend on the type of surgery you are having.

Can I bring whānau, family member or a friend with me?

You may bring a support person with you and this person can stay with you until you are being prepared for surgery.

What will I need to bring with me on the day of surgery?

You’ll need to have the following forms, or access to the digital copies:

  • Completed Health Questionnaire
  • Medications you are currently on including any supplements and herbal remedies
  • Any information that your surgeon or anaesthetist may have requested
  • Insurance details
  • Prior approval letter
  • Method of payment

How will my whānau, family, or friend(s) know when my surgery has been completed?

We will inform nominated persons when your surgery is completed, through the method of communication you have advised.

How long will I need to stay in the hospital for after surgery?

This depends on the type of surgery you are having – your specialist will confirm these details with you, but please contact us if you need any confirmation.

Can I stay and park my car at the hospital while I wait?

There are 150 car parks available for patients and visitors.

Do I need to check-in anywhere when I arrive?

Please check in with our friendly reception staff upon arrival.

What are the visiting times?

Formal visiting hours are between 1pm and 7pm. You are welcome to arrange a visit outside these hours with our staff.

Are there any facilities for children to use while they wait?

We have a children’s play area, with toys, games and video game consoles.

Am I allowed to stay overnight with the person I am visiting?

All overnight stays with patients are arranged and agreed upon prior to admission of the patient. Unless you have made arrangements prior, we generally will ask you to follow the visiting times.

Are food and drink allowed to be brought in for the person I am visiting?

Yes, however it is best to check with the nursing team to ensure that your loved one will tolerate what you bring in for them.